#1 Factor That Will Make Your Product Launches A Lot Of Money
Written by Eric Jee on Apr. 17th 2021
🔥 How a simple page can 2X your Average Order Value (AOV) 🔥

I want to specifically talk about Upsells in this post.

Because when you focus on building the right things in upsells, you can significantly increase your AOV and earn more from a single funnel than all your other mediocre funnels combined.

But when you focus on the wrong thing? You could be making the long, lonely walk to endless frustration.

The screenshot below is an upsell page for a recent low-ticket promo that I wrote copy for and engineered from beginning until the end.

The upsell 1 conversion rate is at a whopping 48%!

Most people would be super happy to see a 20% conversion rate in their 1st upsell. After all, that's the "industry benchmark".

I wanted to challenge the status quo. I wanted to go more than just 20%.
So what makes the difference?

It certainly isn't the page design. Look at the screenshot again. It doesn't have fancy page designs. It's a plain background, with a simple presentation-style VSL (you know, the old-school slides with a white background).

The entire 1st upsell page is so simple a 4th grader would be able to create it (drag-n-drop).
But it's converting at 48%.

Which is why I never encouraged people to waste too much time on funnel/page designs.

Now, of course, don't quote me on this. Funnel/page design is important.

It establishes your authority and makes your online presence look professional. Hence, gives people a reason why they should pay attention to you.

But it shouldn't be the primary focus. At least not before you nail down your messaging and offer.
Which brings me to the meat and potatoes:

When it comes to constructing your 1st upsell, your marketing message and offer are CRUCIAL.

These are the two components that have contributed to the 48% Upsell 1 conversion rate.

So if you want to have a higher upsell conversion rate and 2X your AOV, don't look anywhere else. Zoom in on your marketing message and offer.

And above all, you want to make it seem like it's another informative video...one that can:

👉 Make them feel good about their initial purchase and...
👉 Compel them to respond, engage, and upgrade the order WILLINGLY

DO NOT make your upsell seem like an upsell. This is why most people only get 20%-ish conversion rate.

Keep that in mind. 

Eric Jee

Eric is a copywriting & marketing wizard who helps 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs profit wildly through product launches. He has personally written and engineered multiple 7 figure product launches and been able to consistently prove ROI. 
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