Why You Need To Learn How To Think
Written by Eric Jee on Mar. 12th 2021
Assumption, emotion or hear-say is NOT reality.

What you see/hear from the crowd, may not be true.

If you follow the mainstream advice or the crowd's assumptions...
They could lead you astray.

My point? You have to learn to think for yourself:

🔥 analyze yourself and your surroundings
🔥 break them down to see the root cause
🔥 improve and refine

When you learn to think, it's like you have the superpower to weed out the misleading perception.

When you learn to think, your decision is sound and non-arbitrary. You can approach your decision logically.


When you learn to think, marketing is no longer a game of shooting in the dark.

It's about deep thinking and coming up with a wise judgement.

Of course, not saying you will have grand slam success every single time.

By not relying on assumption, emotion or hear-say, you'll be 10 steps ahead of many people who don't learn how to think.

When the masses realize this and want to adopt "more thinking"...

You're already there.

You've always been there - at the top, breathing fresher air, and enjoying better view.

Eric Jee

Eric is a copywriting & marketing wizard who helps 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs profit wildly through product launches. He has personally written and engineered multiple 7 figure product launches and been able to consistently prove ROI. 
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